Yogyakarta tourist attractions that were hit by floods

Yogyakarta tourist attractions that were hit by floods

Yogyakarta tourist attractions that were hit by floods

Heavy rains hit many places affected by flooding. Indonesia, especially the island of Java, experiences moderate to heavy rain. The rain actually made a lot of losses and also damage due to flooding. Yogyakarta, a very beautiful tourist spot. Also experiencing flooding. Tourist attractions hit by the flood are temporarily unable to open. Yogyakarta tourist attractions that were hit by floods

Yogyakarta is a rain-affected area with a high enough rainfall point that makes many people who visit not dare to go out and stay at the inn. Due to the heavy rainfall, several tourist attractions in Yogyakarta were affected by the high rain.


Thejunction-uk – As a result of the rain that fell a lot changed the beautiful and beautiful tourist attractions filled with brown puddles. Of course, this makes tourist attractions not beautiful and beautiful anymore. As a result, some tourist attractions were forced to close temporarily due to heavy rain.

Yogyakarta tourist attractions that are affected by floods due to rain are:

Goa ngingrong Gunung Kidul
Goa Ngingrong Gunung Kidul is a Yogyakarta tourist spot that provides many extreme fun activities. The scenery is really beautiful and also amazing. Can do extreme activities that can promote adrenaline. It’s just that when there is high rainfall this place turns into a brown water place. The natural beauty of the cave at Gunung Kidul was lost due to flooding.

Goa Jomblang
waterlogged tourist spot//Goa Jomblang

Goa Jomblang Gunung Kidul

Goa Jomblang Gunung Kidul is one of the tourist attractions that make tourists ask and be curious. As if entering another world when entering the Jomblang cave of Gunung Kidul. The beauty that comes from under the cave makes us feel like waiting for the light to come down from the sky. But the beauty in the cave will change due to the flood. This flood that spoiled the scenery made the Jomblang Gunung Kidul cave filled with heavy rainwater the color of the water filled with brown.

Sadeng beach

Seeing the clear sea water will certainly make many tourists join to enjoy the beautiful colors of the seawater. The bluish-green color makes the beach feel like being outside the country. So beautiful and beautiful. This beauty has been lost since the floods that hit Yogyakarta. Sadeng beach which is bluish green turns brown. The water continues to rise making the waves continue to rise making the streets flooded.

baron’s beach

Also, one of the beaches that also has beautiful and clear sea water colors. Can never forget. All the pretty colored water turned brown. The seawater that continues to rise makes the beautiful basic color disappear.

Teletubbies House

Friends of the Teletubbies really like green grass and beautiful scenery. The house is so unique that some residents make Teletubbies houses. Small and round are the hallmarks of Teletubbies. High floods covered all access roads to the Teletubbies house. The flood was high enough that some residents and visitors had to evacuate to a safe place.

Heavy rain makes tourist attractions close. Heavy rain spoils all the sights of yogyakarta. Visitors cannot enter tourist attractions. For the safety of all.