Steps in dealing with disasters in Yogyakarta

Steps in dealing with disasters in Yogyakarta

Steps in dealing with disasters in Yogyakarta

There are so many natural disasters that keep coming to greet Indonesia. One of them is Yogyakarta. This area that has become a special area of ​​Yogyakarta is also not spared from natural disasters. There are so many types of natural disasters that cannot be counted, resulting in many casualties that continue to appear. Of course, this makes many residents anxious and afraid of the disaster that is coming. Therefore, the disaster management team and the Yogyakarta team are looking for steps in dealing with disasters in Yogyakarta.

Of course, every step that will be carried out requires assistance not only from one person but from all parties of Yogyakarta residents who participate in implementing disaster prevention. The first step in overcoming this is to build the minds of the people of Yogyakarta.

The steps that must be taken are:

Thejunction-uk – Provide an explanation of each disaster that will be faced.
There are so many places that certainly don’t have sophisticated tools that can detect disasters. The lack of information has resulted in many casualties. To prevent this from happening, the Yogyakarta party invited several residents to attend a village meeting. Provide explanations and help each other overcome disasters together

Establish a post

Every citizen who is injured and discusses the needs of the community certainly needs a place to gather. Provide a post for victims of natural disasters. With the post, residents will be alert and ready.

Steps to save victims//evacuate

sharing information

The area of ​​Yogyakarta is very very wide. Of course, it will be difficult to get to the disaster area. To prevent this, the residents of Yogyakarta both in the area must share information on the state of their place at every certain time specified. To be able to share information is certainly not just one person or one area.

Collaborate with the team

Many cannot escape from disaster. To avoid disaster, try to cooperate with the team. Teams that observe disasters such as mountain observers, weather, and water points certainly have more accurate information because they use sophisticated tools. So residents who are still in the area should try to cooperate and communicate. Working with a team will make it easier for us to overcome disasters together. Working with a reliable team will certainly make the citizens ready and not left behind.

Regional heads must also prepare several steps in dealing with disasters. Follow directions and signs of a possible disaster. In order to avoid disasters, residents must be able to know the signs that will be notified by residents.


Go to the house of the village leaders and propose several steps to overcome the disaster. Then the leader will gather the citizens to be able to follow the direction of the team. It’s not as easy as we turn our hands when giving directions to local residents. Save a lot of patience in explaining and giving directions. Begin to provide guidance to parents and teenagers in dealing with disasters.

Natural disasters are signs that we never know when they will happen. Even a small natural disaster can turn into a big one.