Losses in Yogyakarta due to flooding

Losses in Yogyakarta due to flooding

Losses in Yogyakarta due to flooding

Yogyakarta is a beautiful place and there are many types of tours that make many people from various countries visit Yogyakarta. Exactly in 2017, Yogyakarta experienced floods and landslides. A disaster that came suddenly hit the city of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has lost a lot due to flooding. Not only floods but also landslides when floods hit Yogyakarta. Losses in Yogyakarta due to flooding

Seeing the number of houses affected by the flood and some places that could not be evacuated made many residents of Yogyakarta anxious. Judging from the state of floods and landslides, Yogyakarta can experience quite high losses. Not just hundreds and millions more but has reached the word M [billions].

Finding the flood point

Thejunction-uk – Not a few and small numbers anymore. It could be dozens if not immediately overcome floods and landslides. The flood disaster which made the residents of Yogyakarta unable to carry out their activities anymore came due to the broken water embankment. Seeing the breakdown, the rescue agency immediately sent their troops to help flood victims.

Provide tents and temporary shelter for shelter. If there is only one level that breaks, it may not have difficulty dealing with flooding. After being investigated by several teams and residents who participated in evacuating the victims, they found the broken points. There are fourteen points of water embankment and landslides.

Evacuating victims

If found in a small size, maybe the losses experienced by Yogyakarta are not this much. It turned out that after being seen and measured the length of the broken embankment was ten to fifty meters. Seeing the size of the broken embankment made many residents and teams shake their heads.

many buildings collapsed//Avalanche

It’s really very bad to make a lot of damage in Yogyakarta. The Yogyakarta government must also take immediate action so that the floods can be overcome and residents can resume their activities. Places that are close to the point where the embankment breaks must also be treated first.

Think together

The location is very close to breaking down and also experiencing the worst damage in Yogyakarta. Indirectly evacuating victims, the team carried out. Just waiting for the funds to come down to repair the broken embankment in Yogyakarta. When the disaster occurred, the head of the evacuation team and the team were confused.

Close the book at the end of the year. The situation that is still unsafe makes many residents afraid. Funds for repairing the embankment are still lacking. Finally, there were several teams that provided several safe places to evacuate flood victims.

Fund drop

The available funds are not much but can help flood and landslide victims. Bought some sacks and tarpaulins to deal with the flood. Closing the broken embankment using sacks filled with soil.

The decline in aid funds for residents and communities in need. The available funds are not sufficient to help flood victims. However, the victims do not need to worry because other funds will also go down to help overcome the flood and also repair the broken embankment. Judging from the number of people affected by the butchery, there were almost eight thousand and above victims who participated in carrying out the campaign.