Regarding the aceh tsunami

Regarding the aceh tsunami

Regarding the Aceh tsunami

When talking about the tsunami, you will remember the big tsunami that was experienced by Aceh. One of the natural disasters that no human being can avoid unless lucky. Of all the places in Aceh that were hit by the tsunami, it turns out that there are places that have not collapsed and are still standing strong. The mosque in Aceh, which is quite old, is still standing and sturdy today. Surely many outsiders are curious about the tsunami in Aceh. Regarding the Aceh tsunami

Who is not curious about the Aceh tsunami? A disaster that has succeeded in taking many victims and destroying many buildings and other public facilities. Many people are afraid of tsunamis. Events that could suddenly come unexpectedly and drag many people into the sea of human blood.

There are several facts about the Aceh tsunami that you should know, namely:


Prior to the tsunami, it turned out that there was a strong earthquake that made several regions and countries feel the earthquake. The strength of the earthquake that came was not a bit too big and was able to make several neighboring countries feel it too. With a power of nine point two-liter scale capable of shaking all places. Thejunction-uk


Who would have thought that stopping the earthquake could increase the potential for a tsunami? His arrival was so sudden that in just a matter of minutes or seconds, he had managed to overwhelm everyone without stopping. If the condition of the rising water is small, it may not take many victims, but the seawater that rises after the strength of a large earthquake is very high, it can reach about thirty meters.

Takes a lot of lives

high waves
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With such great power and made many people were injured and died. Not a few people were injured but a lot of people – people who were injured and died. From several records and counts, almost two hundred and thirty thousand people died.

Enter ranking

Judging from the damage and death of the tsunami that was experienced by Aceh, this tsunami entered the third-world ranking. Previously there were several other countries that also experienced the same incident as Aceh. Experiencing severe shocks and being swept away by the tsunami waters with a height of about thirty meters.