The impact of the tsunami on fishermen

The impact of the tsunami on fishermen

The impact of the tsunami on fishermen

Tsunami is one of the disasters that you cannot predict when it will come. To be able to know the arrival of a tsunami can only be through earthquake vibrations or the presence of an earthquake. The presence of the tsunami succeeded in causing many people to experience many disasters. Some have died, lost their parents, destroyed homes, and many more. Not only the community members suffered a lot of losses but the fishermen also suffered big losses. The impact of the tsunami on fishermen was enormous and caused many losses.

Most of the lives of Indonesian citizens depend on the sea. A sea is a place of livelihood for fishermen and local residents. But who would have thought that the arrival of the tsunami would be bad news for everyone? A disaster that succeeded in reaping countless lives. Thejunction-uk

Suffered serious damage

Many people have died because of the tsunami. The fishermen who were in the middle of the sea or who were looking for fish were also affected by quite a terrible impact. The ship they were carrying capsized and died on the spot. Some were swept away by big waves and died.

If you count the numbers, the death rate for fishermen is actually very high. Both work at sea and on land. The value of losses experienced by the government was not small in number. There is a lot of damage that must be resolved immediately so that the work system runs normally again.

Shattered - ravaged
suffered a lot of losses//Shattered – ravaged

Deep trauma

The tsunami that continues to hit the fishermen gives pain that cannot be stored or forgotten. Some survivors of the tsunami have always had a high fear of ocean waves. Each of them occasionally feels their fear again through the dream world. This disturbs the psyche and can make fishermen not want to go to sea anymore. Most of the fishermen sometimes pray that they come home alive and bring lots of fish.