The country hit by the tornado

The country hit by the tornado

The country hit by the tornado

There are many countries that have been hit by tornadoes. Who would have thought that the whirlwind succeeded in causing many people to suffer losses and die? There are almost a number of countries that have been detected to have been hit by a tornado because of their very vulnerable location.

Not once does the tornado come, it can even appear frequently in several different places in one country. Surely you are not curious about which countries are often hit by tornadoes. The following are the names:


Became the first country that actually received the arrival of a tornado. Argentina is a place where tornadoes often occur. Thejunction-uk – Its appearance is not just once but almost many times. Each appearance always brings a number of winds that are so strong and powerful. There was a lot of loss of life and damage it caused.

South Africa
If you ask about strong winds, don’t be surprised if it’s in South Africa. A country that rarely gets strong winds turns out to have guests who appear quite surprised. This causes many people to die and lose their families. The most surprising thing is that the tornado also killed the former president of South Africa.

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Each speed and appearance of the tornado will get several names from observers. The observer can only predict the size of the wind and the resistance of the wind while forming a large circle. One of them was in Bangladesh, which turned out to be experiencing something unexpected. Many people died due to the magnitude and speed of the tornado.

If you go to India on a sunny day then you will always be safe and sound. From the results of observations, it turns out that the tornadoes that appear in India are always in rainy weather. His arrival succeeded in making many people breathless. In addition, it turned out that it was not just one place, there were several places that also experienced a tornado with quite a large force. There are countless casualties.