Halloween takes its toll

Halloween takes its toll

Halloween takes its toll

Halloween takes its toll now in South Korea, Itaewon. Since the pandemic period, almost all activities and celebrations have never existed. This makes the atmosphere so quiet. Exactly on November 29, 2022, Itaewon, South Korea, held a Halloween event. An event held without wearing a mask.

Seeing a Halloween event that is so crowded, of course, many people will come to watch and participate in celebrating Halloween. But who would have thought that the Halloween event had taken a toll? Not just one or two people, but almost hundreds of souls who were affected by the Itaewon Halloween.

Full and crowded

Thejunction-uk – The crowd was so overcrowded that some of the residents who came to watch became uncontrollable. As a result, suddenly there are some people who experience a heartbeat that stops in place. At first, only a few victims were found and immediately taken to the hospital. But who would have thought that it didn’t take long for another victim to fall?

Itaewon is famous for being crowded and frequented by mostly young people and teenagers. The city that is always busy is now a place for victims to fall. The cause is unknown but some say that this could have happened because there were too many people watching so there was no room to breathe.

Avoid being a disaster

There are 2 reasons why there are victims who died on the spot, namely:

  • when a person can no longer breathe so the heart stops beating.
  • pushed and stepped on by many people.
ready ambulance
take many lives//ready ambulance

When at the Halloween event, Itaewon saw several people suddenly die, making everyone swarm hysterically and immediately ran without direction. As a result, the residents who saw the victim fell immediately panicked and there was an incident of pushing and shoving among the crowd of residents. No wonder there are so many victims who fall in the Itaewon crowd.

Prepare all hospitals

Officers immediately came and evacuated the victims. The officers immediately evacuated the victims in iteawon. Evacuation carried out by officers was quite difficult. The South Korean president immediately appealed to all officers and the Minister of Health to immediately prepare rooms for the victims.

Muster all doctors to save all citizens affected by the Itaewon incident. Not only South Koreans who died. But there are also some victims who are from foreign countries.

Since the Halloween Itaewon, the death toll has now reached 154. The hospital also hopes that everything ends quickly. The victims survived and no one else died.