The atmosphere of Yogyakarta during PPKM

The atmosphere of Yogyakarta during PPKM

The atmosphere of Yogyakarta during PPKM

Hi friends, of course, you already know about this one tourist spot. The place is very crowded with visitors and every tourist spot has some popular folklore. What else if not Yogyakarta? Right in 2019 since the presence of the pandemic, many things make many people afraid. Many people died because of covid 19. To prevent the death rate from surging and not being infected, the PPKM ultimatum was finally issued. The atmosphere of Yogyakarta during PPKM gave many losses for entrepreneurs.

Not one place has been affected by PPKM, but almost all of Indonesia has implemented PPKM. Of course, we know that Yogyakarta is a tourist spot that is always crowded with visitors. Various tourists from abroad and Asia took a vacation in Yogyakarta. But since the enactment of PPKM, Yogyakarta has become quiet.

Still not obeying

Thejunction-uk – Implementing PPKM may not be easy. Some are still stubborn about not implementing PPKM. This of course made some officers disappointed and angry. So they prepared several things that could be assured that the residents would not go out and the PPKM would run smoothly.

The things that make the atmosphere of Yogyakarta different during PPKM are:

The road is starting to close
Quiet, no visitors
Lots of blackouts
Access to go stops and much more.
During the implementation of the first PPKM, there may still be residents who are not visible on every road. PPKM also kills small businessmen. Lots of food vendors, from carts to restaurants, suffered immeasurable losses. Every food ingredient that has been made cannot be sold and rots.

dark night
street light is off//dark night

PPKM gives a lot of losses to entrepreneurs. Yogyakarta is so quiet and looks like a dead city. The atmosphere at night in Yogyakarta also makes some people afraid to go out. There is already a curfew in place so you can’t go out at night. The lights along the road are turned off, making Yogyakarta look pitch black.

Road closed

Residents are advised by the government not to go out while there is PPKM. Even if it’s close. Yogyakarta even closed the road so that tourists could not enter the Yogyakarta area.

The tightening of PPKM in Yogyakarta made many people unable to breathe freely. The level of covid continues to rise and the atmosphere of the city is also tense because of the level of covid.

The negative impacts of implementing PPKM are:

Many kinds of smelly materials
No entry
A lot of time wasted
Reduction of employees and much more
Many residents have experienced anxiety and worry since the pandemic. Wasting a lot of food. Forced to reduce employees. Because there is no income, the company has to make a tough decision for each of its employees. Reduction of employees also occurred in some small entrepreneurs.

The atmosphere of Yogyakarta when it was PPKM was so quiet. There are no visitors who come or enliven the place. Every street has a roadblock that prevents people from getting inside. The strict curfew makes the city of Yogyakarta look dark and scary. Not a single vehicle passed when the curfew was in effect.