5 terrible natural disasters throughout 2021

5 terrible natural disasters throughout 2021

5 terrible natural disasters throughout 2021

5 terrible natural disasters throughout 2021 have a hat a lot of bad impacts on the world. Not just in one place but in many places. Throughout 2021, it turns out that Indonesia has experienced many kinds of natural disasters. Natural disasters managed to take many lives. This has made many people anxious and hopeful that all natural disasters will soon subside.

For those who still don’t know about any disasters that have occurred throughout 2021, of course, they think that this is normal. But do you know that these disasters do not come in a distant order, but they come at a very close time? This is one of the concerns of the residents.

The following are 5 types of natural disasters in 2021, namely:

  1. Landslide disaster – Thejunction-uk
    Exactly in January 2021, a landslide disaster occurred in the Sumedang area. In the new year, at the beginning of the month, the Sumedang area was shocked by a terrible natural disaster. Killed about thirty-six people plus four missings. Twenty-two people were injured. The occurrence of landslides due to heavy rainfall makes the entire plot of land in Sumedang move and form landslides.
  2. Earthquake
    Earthquakes are natural disasters that are more frightening than other natural disasters. Because the shock is so strong it can make several roads and buildings collapse instantly. In May, precisely in the Blitar area, there was an earthquake. The shaking was so great at night that many people came out scattered. To be precise, the Malang area also experienced a similar disaster, and resulted in hundreds of houses being damaged by the earthquake.

Other natural disasters

  1. Flood
    In November Sintang district experienced a long flood. For 3 weeks the flood did not recede. Seeing the stagnant water made many residents worried about the water level, and they eventually decided to evacuate to the nearest post. The number of sub-districts affected by the flood reached twelve to fourteen sub-districts. After being investigated, the cause of flooding can occur due to overflowing water from the Kapuas river and accompanied by some of the forests in Sintang being denuded. So the trees that should be able to help absorb water can’t because the forest has been severely deforested.
  2. Flash flood
    After the beginning of the month, Sintang Regency experienced flooding for quite a long time. It turned out that at the end of November the arrowroot area also experienced flash floods. Although the flash flood did not take any casualties, it managed to scare the residents away. This terrible flood has submerged hundreds of houses as many as 302 houses. Due to the strong current, one unit of the house was carried away by the current.
the fear that can’t go away//flood
Mount Semeru Erupts

In December 2021 the Mount Semeru area erupted. There are school buildings, bridges and thousands of houses destroyed by the hot lava that continues to come non-stop from Mount Semeru. The hot clouds that continued to scatter made many residents rush away from around Mount Semeru.