Earthquake Disaster In Yogyakarta

Earthquake Disaster In Yogyakarta

Earthquake Disaster In Yogyakarta

On November 8, 2022, at 10:04 a.m. a 2.7-liter earthquake occurred. The location where the earthquake occurred was southwest of Bantul DIY. This time the earthquake that occurred was a collision of the earth’s plates. Even though the earthquake was felt for a short time, this earthquake was destructive and of course, you have to be prepared in the event of an earthquake, because at any time it can happen. Earthquake Disaster In Yogyakarta

Bantul is not the first time an earthquake has occurred. Because even before November 2022, even in October 2022, there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter Scale. Bantul does have a high potential for disaster, but the people of Bantul need not be afraid. What you have to do is anticipate and be prepared. Potential disasters that can occur in Bantul are floods, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Thejunction-uk

Plan before disaster

Before a disaster strikes, it’s best to have a plan. There’s nothing wrong with anticipating things you don’t want. Even if there is a small chance it will be difficult to overcome, because there are already several plans in hand. Disasters are unavoidable and unpredictable. But when disaster strikes we have a solution for all the events. If it’s a matter of survival, everyone will save themselves, but a plan for dealing with the aftermath of your disaster must also be in place.

cracked road
Earthquake is coming again//cracked road

The plan in question is self-evacuation, having carefully thought out what to do when disaster strikes. At least you have studied it beforehand so you can more easily overcome all risks. Another plan that needs to be prepared is to prepare medicines or fix a damaged house. And if you think that everything is still at risk then you can move from the location you live at that time. By moving, you can avoid major disasters and aftershocks.

Bantul disaster history

In 2006 Bantul had a sad story where there were many damaged buildings, making the people of Bantul still giddy. The resulting damage was severe.. With a power of 5.9 SR, it can damage many buildings and roads.. With that much power, it is not only Bantul who feels it, but also around Bantul like on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Many victims fell due to the earthquake. The power is so great that it can flatten a house to the ground.