Causes and Impact of Landslides

Causes and Impact of Landslides

Causes and Impacts of Landslides

Landslides can indeed happen without knowing the time. But everything you have to know what are the causes of landslides

Volcanic activities that have loose dust deposits can cause landslides.
Heavy rainfall can cause landslides. The reason is that when the soil dries and then there are cavities that form like pores, of course, it will be easy to trigger landslides. Because water that enters the hollow soil will trigger a shift in the soil that causes erosion.
Erosion is the erosion of soil caused by the flow of rainwater or ocean waves. On cliffs that do not have trees, it will be easy to trigger erosion and facilitate landslides.

Due to earthquake

Thejunction-uk – Earthquakes, do not be surprised if there is an earthquake there will be landslides after or at the same time. It’s all caused by vibrations and pressure on the ground. So that the soil that is already hollow will easily cause landslides.
Lack of Trees, there should be mountains, cliffs, and slopes, and there should be trees. Because trees will help the process of absorption of water and make the soil solid. If there are no trees, it is no wonder why landslides occur near the slopes.

Cause of landslide

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The cause of landslides is actually not only nature but the behavior of humans. It is rare to realize that there are several things that humans do that triggered landslides, for example, mining, piles of garbage, deforestation, or water leaks on slopes.

These things that are considered trivial are things that are often ignored by many people. And there are also individuals who deliberately take advantage of the situation for personal gain without the thoughts of those around them.

Landslide Impact

Landslide is not just a word, but this word has quite a meaning for road users and even people who live in landslide-prone areas. Here’s the impact of landslides

  • Land Damage
  • The ecosystem is damaged
  • water reserves are reduced
  • Can’t go
  • Damaging livelihoods
  • Land prices go down
  • Eats Soul Victims

The impact of the landslide will affect local residents and road users. Moreover, if there are fatalities, it is necessary to be vigilant. To reduce casualties, make sure not to do non-essential activities during the rainy season because landslides often occur during the rainy season.