Tsunamis are one of the most unpredictable disasters and where they will occur. Many people think that there is only one type of tsunami. It turns out that there is not just one tsunami, but many types. Whatever the type, it is still a disaster that claimed most human lives and is also a disaster that managed to ravage the world.

Not only one country was affected by the tsunami. However, many countries have been affected by the water disaster. Maybe many people don’t know about tsunamis. Some experts say that a tsunami is a wave of seawater that is formed due to a shift in the earth’s land plates. In addition, the speed at which it hits all objects is extremely fast.

Find a plateau

Thejunction-uk – No need to wait long, in a matter of seconds, it has succeeded in rolling all the objects around it. The water level that is presented is not just ordinary height. It can almost reach 30 meters from the water level. Those of you who are aware of the tsunami must quickly move to higher ground.

Tsunamis come not only from hundreds of miles of water. Before taking the victim, there will be an earthquake first. There are several types of tsunamis noted by several experts, namely:

At close range

Being one of the most feared types of the tsunami by many people. The tsunami that comes after this earthquake often occurs when the sea water suddenly experiences sea tides. The short-range catastrophe occurred in only around thirty minutes.

  • Intermediate
sunk many buildings
very high waves//sunk many buildings

The time you have is slightly longer with melee. Medium tsunamis take up to two hours. Did you know that a medium-sized disaster will get a sizeable attack area of a thousand kilometers?

  • Far

One of the disasters that managed to take a lot of victims. With a fairly large area. More than a thousand kilometers had already managed to sweep through the city. The time for the tsunami to subside was very long. It took almost two hours to stop the disaster.

The tsunami has been around for a long time in 1986. The first tsunami occurred in the Japanese port of Sanriku. Apart from the Sanriku port, it turns out that the coast of Honshu was also affected by the giant water disaster. From the results of the study, it was stated that the tsunami occurred due to the sea-land swaying with it. So that a fault occurred which succeeded in making the previously normal water waves higher.