Facing floods during Chinese New Year

Facing floods during Chinese New Year

Facing floods during Chinese New Year

Facing floods during Chinese New Year is certainly one of the reasons for residents to be vigilant. Many are not surprised when they hear that on Chinese New Year it will rain. Seeing the rain coming on Chinese New Year, of course, some residents are anxious and worried. Anxiety and worry can make many residents have to prepare to face flooding.

On a Chinese New Year day filled with heavy rain, of course, it can cause river water to overflow and flood. This is what makes all residents overwhelmed in dealing with flooding. Not only in one place that experienced flooding alone. but there are already several places that are also affected by flooding.

Clean environment movement

In order to be free from flooding, of course, you can make several moves to deal with flooding. Measures that must be taken to prevent flooding include: Thejunction-uk

Able to clean the drain water
Clean up trash
And repairing drains
If you have done all the steps, of course, there will be no water that will remember the roads and houses. But if you are still worried, you can check all the conditions of the house. Residents who have experienced flooding, of course, know that the water will flood their homes. Be wary of erratic flooding, forcing many residents to make house insulation.

Prepare for a flood

To prevent flood water from entering, you can build an embankment at the front door of the house. Reattach the house tiles so that water doesn’t get into the tiles, check the roof and check the drainage. Of course, with all these steps you can be free from flooding.

cleaning channels//flood

There are some people who have tried to prepare for the flood but failed. Water continues to enter and reminisce in the house. Much of the furniture and some equipment were damaged by the flood. Now for residents whose homes are often inundated with water, they can take a number of steps so that furniture and equipment are not damaged, in ways such as:

Make a strong shelf to put things
All electronic equipment do rise on the table
Prepare medicines
Dry food and drink
Unplug electronic devices when flooded [refrigerators, televisions, and others]
Every boot and stuff