Efforts to help disaster victims

Efforts to help disaster victims

Efforts to help disaster victims

There are many efforts to help disaster victims. All members will come together to help evacuate the victims of the tsunami. They don’t just sit and watch. They all immediately moved and came in droves to help some of the tsunami victims.

Certainly, the process of helping is not just coming directly to the location. There were also several people raising funds for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Every donation you give will be very useful for all of them. There are also those who set up several fund donation posts for tsunami victims. Thejunction-uk

Delivery and assistance

All residents affected by the tsunami will receive assistance from several nearby posts. The assistance will be directly in groups and distributed to everyone. The goal is to group all items so that they don’t take them wrongly and the team doesn’t distribute them too long.

The items collected that are most needed for disaster victims are:

  • Clean clothes
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Drugs
  • Baby needs
  • Cooking equipment and much more
collect items
prepare shelter//collect items

Of course, the teams that have gathered in the tsunami area will be gathered and several groups will be formed to look for victims who are still alive or who have died. Before going down to the exact location the observation team made sure to return to the area that the rescue team would attack. If the place is still in danger, the evacuation system will be delayed.


The search continues with the team. Communication will be the main thing in helping all systems, both from search teams, safety posts, and others. survivors will be taken to several shelters and carry out rehabilitation activities to relieve fear or trauma after the tsunami.

All residents will be invited to rest for a while and forget all the fears of the disaster they have faced. The existence of rehabilitation can make officers know what they have to do so that everyone can be happy and smile again.