The cause of the thick fog

The cause of the thick fog

The cause of the thick fog

The cause of thick fog in several different places. Almost all places, both here and around the world, experience thick fog. Many think that thick fog can occur because of a mountain that still emits volcanic ash. Ashes that could have set fire to the forest and turned it into fog.

There are some mists that can be harmful and they aren’t. Hazardous mists usually contain several lethal substances, while harmless ones only produce ordinary mists that don’t make you short of breath. Even though it looks fine everyone is always being warned to be careful with thick fog.

There is fog

Not bad for breathing but not good for eyesight either. Sometimes thick fog can also make the eyes see unclear, blurry, and painful. There are some scientists who say that fog is not only obtained from mountain smoke. But there are also some fogs that can form, such as Thejunction-uk

Fog can also occur due to the presence of water vapor. When the hot soil layer is exposed to water it will form a cloud-like vapor. The more water that drips, the more likely it is to form a very thick fog.

Air temperature

Have you ever felt the change in temperature at night and during the day? Nights are colder than during the day. The colder the air can also make the surrounding area feel cold and water vapor drips like rain. The fog is formed by the change in temperature in the air every night.

the air is too hot//dark

Big cities can also have fog

Many people think that fog only occurs in mountainous or rural areas. But without you realizing it, fog can also occur in big cities. In areas where there are not too many inhabitants, you get less dense fog with the city. A city that is vast and filled with air pollution makes the ability to see even lower. Thicker and darker fog forms easily with dirty air.

To avoid accidents, many people start turning on their lights when traveling in the morning or at dawn. At that hour the fog had started to appear and made the surrounding scenery invisible.