Disaster relief team

Disaster relief team

Disaster relief team

The disaster relief team is one of the most needed personnel when there is a disaster. As you all know, in Indonesia and wherever there is a disaster, disaster teams will be present. From each team, there are several people who live in the command post and there are others who go around looking for the victims of the disaster.

There are many disasters that continue to appear and make many people afraid and worried about the existing disasters. This does not make the government silent. they instantly formed a disaster team. The team is in charge of helping and acting when a disaster occurs. Not just forming one team but forming more teams in dealing with disasters.

Form a team

Of course, the active community will know which teams are formed in dealing with disasters. It’s different for ordinary people who don’t know it. The following are the names of the teams that were formed in overcoming the disaster, namely: Thejunction

BNPB [national agency for disaster management]

help right away//spread

One of the teams formed to overcome existing disasters. When experiencing a disaster, of course you need a temporary place to live. This will be carried out directly by the BNPB team. With the BNPB team, all refugees can immediately get temporary housing. Even if you have to be in a crowd, you still have to be accepted. Determine the location quickly and prepare Steps for setting up security and protection tents.

Basarnas [national search and rescue agency]

The team is responsible for searching for victims. Setting up a team and immediately looking for disaster victims. The team must also be ready to provide first aid to victims of natural disasters. Their presence can make it easier for other teams and speed up the search for victims.

PMI [Indonesian red cross]

Treating the injured victims. This also applies to PMI members. They must be ready in all conditions. Treating victims and providing assistance on the spot. Providing treatment and also checking the victim’s condition is one of the responsibilities of the PMI team.