Malaysia is ready to face the 2nd wave of floods

Malaysia is ready to face the 2nd wave of floods

Malaysia is ready to face the 2nd wave of floods

Malaysia is ready to face the 2nd wave of floods with several tools and steps in dealing with floods. Many did not think that the continuous rain would have a negative impact on the residents. The rain, which would not stop, continued to pour down and submerged several places due to flooding.

Of course, this does not make the Malaysian side remain silent. they made several efforts so that the flood would no longer damage and disturb the residents. A team was formed in tackling floods. Since Malaysia was hit by the first flood they were shocked and couldn’t do anything about it.


Thejunction-uk – Many of the items that were not saved due to the flood caused all residents to experience a lot of losses. The coming of the water was so fast that everyone couldn’t move back. As a result of the first flood, all items were damaged and some residents did not have money to pay for repairs.

Even so, residents are still vigilant so they don’t miss the second time. They have made some careful preparations in the face of flooding. From providing basic food and water for drinking. Not only that, there are also those who have prepared power banks and dry food in the face of this flood.

team formed//preparation


As you know, when a flood comes at a high altitude, of course, the electricity will extinguish it. To prevent a short circuit and hurt residents when the flood comes. To face the flood, they made a lot of preparations. If you live in an apartment on the top floor, of course, you don’t need to be afraid of flooding.

Just need to prepare some food and emergency things in the face of flooding. There was fear from the residents of the first floor. Which usually lives mostly the elderly and the elderly. Many worries that flooding can cause unexpected things. There are some residents who are still not ready for the second flood.

They have prepared everything thoroughly. Starting from a place to avoid flooding, to go to a higher surface than flooding. The team is also still watching the sea level. Hopefully, the sea level is not high and no more flooding.