Causes of drought

Causes of drought

Causes of drought

The causes of drought disasters can be unexpected. There are many things that we cannot predict when the disaster will come to an end. There is not only one type of drought disaster. but there are several types that can be drought disasters. It can be based on hydrological, meteorological, agronomical location, and many more.

Almost everyone knows that drought can occur when approaching the dry season or prolonged heat. As a result of the long drought, a lot of lands is not functioning and running out of clean water. Apart from the prolonged hot summer, it turns out that drought is also caused by a lack of rainfall in an area.

Changes in the weather

Thejunction-uk – Rain that rarely falls can make a lot of land dry and water stocks in reservoirs will easily run low. If you look closely, actually the drought will not be severe if the users can save water. Continuous wastage of clean water can make water run out easily. There are some observers who say that things can change.

Today you can enjoy an abundance of clean water and when the weather changes with erratic conditions it can make you lack clean water. There are also several causes of dry water, namely:

Geographically located

As you know, Indonesia is located on the equator. The equator is flanked by two oceans and two continents. Apart from having the equator, it turns out that Indonesia, when viewed geographically, is located in the monsoon area. One area that has erratic climate change.

Less absorbency

When you get land that can be green, it can help the soil absorb a lot of water. But since it was covered by concrete cement from the building, it makes soil absorption difficult. This often makes a lot of dry land due to a lack of water.

Erratic weather changes//dry

When you have a lot of clean water, it would be nice for you to save money. Nobody knows when the dry season will come. So you can save water so can survive the drought season. The waste of clean water and the frequent disposal of clean water makes the water storage areas small and dry.

Little rain
Apart from being wasteful, sometimes drought also occurs due to lack of rain. A little rain makes the water reservoir not full. The level of water vapor produced by clouds and heat is not much so the rain that gets is very little.