Move quickly before it dries

Move quickly before it dries

Move quickly before it dries

Moving quickly before it dries is a word of encouragement for people who have experienced drought. In several areas around Indonesia, it turns out that there are several areas that experience a long dry season. It’s the season that makes many residents wary of dry water. Move quickly before it dries

Every year every resident always prepares clean water so that they don’t experience drought. It’s not only residents who are starting to prepare with clean water. the farmers also began to move quickly so as not to suffer many losses. A loss that is not known exactly how much they have to give up due to drought.

Harvest early

thejunction-uk – Even in one of the districts of East Java, farmers are also moving fast. Move to harvest all the rice they plant. Seeing the semi-prepared condition of rice certainly makes the residents very unfortunate. But given that there was a long summer ahead, farmers were better off getting half the crop than nothing.

It is better to gain what is than to lose a lot. This is what makes the farmers move immediately. Summer is the thing that all farmers are most aware of. For others maybe summer is not a loss. But for farmers, it gives a lot of big losses.

So as not to lose much

start harvesting
Farmers suffered a lot of losses//start harvesting

Many villages and sub-districts have experienced periods of dry land. It’s not just one meter or two meters, but there are lots of hectares of land that have to suffer a lot of losses. If the summer is not too hot maybe you can get water by irrigation. But when the river starts to dry up, it’s a different story.

For farmers who see their rice yields die, it certainly makes them desperate. Plants that are barren and can not produce results. Can only be given to livestock so they can be full. Farmers are not only worried about hot weather. Did you know that if it doesn’t rain in a village for more than a month, the farmers can harvest it right away? This is done so as not to lose.