Tidal floods that never end

Tidal floods that never end

Tidal floods that never end

Tidal floods that never end make people feel uncomfortable and want to leave there. No one will know that the place where you will live will continue to get tidal floods. Robust water comes from areas close to the coast. When the seawater rises, the water in and fro gutters will also rise.

The thing that causes tidal flooding is because the sewers are jammed and there is no way for it to flow. So that when the tidal water rises, many roads will be submerged by the tidal water. Human awareness in protecting the environment can still be said to be lacking. Many people blame more things than they should be able to understand. Thejunction-uk

Can get sick

Every day, every road is always inundated by tidal water, making many people give up and give up. Robust water contains salt water. So that when your vehicle is exposed to rob water, it can damage and rust all the vehicle’s engine devices. The cost of service or repair is more expensive than buying a motorbike.

There are also those who prefer to move and don’t want to live in the area affected by the rob. Free from Rob and can live more comfortably. Many people do not know that being submerged in rob water is not only a vehicle that can be damaged and corroded. The body can also be attacked by diseases such as skin diseases, itching, colds, and others.

interfere with activity
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Long submerged

Some people affected by tidal water have different thoughts. As long as they don’t enter the house they can still accept it. The thing that makes most people angry when the water robs is that the rains that don’t stop make all the water that is not high become high and floods.

The rob water mixes with the rainwater, a combination that makes people speechless. Almost the entire area was submerged in floods making everyone unable to move. As a result of the large tidal floods, some areas and places were submerged long enough for months.