The highway collapses

The highway collapses

The highway collapses

The collapse of the main road makes many people not believe it. Of course, road users will not expect to experience an unexpected disaster. The wide and wide road is often traversed by many people. Certainly would not have thought that an unexpected event occurred. The road users were shocked and fell into a hole that could have led them to heaven’s door.

Right on the highway, there was an unexpected incident. An incident that almost took someone’s life. Of course, those of you who see it will feel extraordinary fear. The highway that was once bustling with vehicles is now bustling with people watching the incident. fortunately, lives are still protected making highway users safe.

Cause of bad roads

Thejunction-uk – The road that was flat now forms a large hole. A road that suddenly collapses certainly makes many people scared and stop for a while. The collapse of the highway due to frequent rains makes the road easily damaged. What was previously minor damage turned into very serious damage.

The rain that kept pouring down the road caused a lot of damage. Because of the rainwater that kept pouring down and making the foundation of the main road weak and eventually it collapsed. Many residents would not have thought that a puddle of water could make the holes and cracks deeper.

There were no casualties

Of course, many people think that just patching their small holes won’t have serious problems. The foundation from the ground began to shift due to frequent passing by many vehicles. In addition, the pouring rain also added to the damage to the road.

fall down
road damage//fall down

Luckily the victim survived and only had to give up his motorbike fell. The collapse of the highway made everyone panic. The police also took action by marking a yellow line for impassability. The size of the circle is wide enough to almost hit the highway. To prevent any more victims, the police appealed to all residents not to use it at the scene.