Semarang was hit by a flood

Semarang was hit by a flood

Semarang was hit by a flood

Semarang was hit by flooding at several points in the city of Semarang. At the beginning of the new year 2023, many residents evacuated. Nearly seven districts are still affected by flooding. The flood came from heavy rain on Saturday New Year’s Eve. Of course, many of the residents were immediately alarmed and climbed on their belongings.

The rain was so heavy that several embankments in the Semarang sub-district were unable to hold it and finally broke. If one embankment is broken, it may still be resolved quickly. But this time two embankments have broken and made the floods in 2023 higher than the previous floods.

Patch the embankment

Thejunction-uk – The sub-districts that were inundated by floods were Genuk, Gayamsari, Pedurungan, North Semarang, West Semarang, Tugu, and Ngaliyan. From the names, there are two sub-districts whose embankments have collapsed, namely Ngaliyan and Tugu sub-districts. The aid team and the TNI, the National Police immediately divided the tasks. The team was divided into several groups and one of the groups was directed to the place where the embankment had broken.

To save time and energy, the rescue team and the police immediately moved. The team that headed for the embankment immediately moved to patch up the temporary embankment. Even if it’s a little late, the flood level can no longer be prevented. due to rain and damage to the embankment, the flood reached a height of more than one meter.

The station is flooded

broken embankment//endure

The rescue team in Semarang immediately moved quickly to deal with the flood. Rushing to repair and patch the embankment so that the water does not continue to flow. At the beginning of the year, people should enjoy New Year’s Day. Even evacuated to escape from the flood. The rain that continued to fall incessantly made the river water overflow and the embankments became unable to hold it.

However, there are some residents who can still survive in the flood location. There are several places where the floods are not too high so they still stay in their respective homes. Due to high floods, some people were forced to be late for the train. Trains in Semarang experienced delays due to flooding which submerged two stations.

Can leave again at low tide

The submerged stations are Tawang and Poncol stations. As a result of being submerged in the flood, the departure schedule was temporarily delayed, and departed late for two hours. To be able to start leaving again, you have to wait for the water to recede first.