Minahasa disaster

Minahasa disaster

Minahasa disaster

The disaster in Minahasa resulted in houses and bridges being washed away by the river. Right in June, Wednesday, there was news that shocked many people. An unfathomable calamity appeared suddenly. The rain that continued to flush the streets and several houses was one of the causes of this disaster.

In just one night, the city of Minahasa, which was exposed to rainwater, turned into abrasion. The land suddenly slid and resulted in some road access being cut off. A flood that took part in making many people unable to move at all. Not only that, there are several areas close to the coast experiencing soil erosion due to increasing water.


Thejunction-uk – The disaster in Minahasa is not an ordinary disaster. There were several houses and bridges where the ground suddenly sank and collapsed. Of course, some people think that seawater is high. The water level does increase but it doesn’t immediately give the effect of the ground moving on its own. There are some people who think that it is the soil that has begun to erode due to the increasing overflow of water.

Of course, when you see the view of the collapsed house, you become confused. There are already several teams that have started to guard and find out the cause of the abrasion. The seawater continues to erode the soil so that the ground moves and dozens of houses and bridges also move and collapse. Of course, there are lots of people who are curious about the abrasion incident in Minahasa, right?

within seconds several houses were gone//collapse

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You can watch the disaster in Minahasa via social media or watch the news online. Before the disaster occurred, it turned out that the meteorological agency had given warnings to several different places. A warning ready to evacuate many people.

Seeing this incident, many residents moved away from the beach. To be able to prevent abrasion, Minahasa residents can make temporary embankments to prevent the soil from moving. A high embankment that is ready and strong to hold back the seawater that keeps hitting it.