Losses due to the earthquake

Losses due to the earthquake

Losses due to the earthquake

The losses caused by the earthquake are enormous. Every time a disaster hits, the government must prepare a lot of funds to be able to replace all the damage. However, the damage received from the earthquake was not small. They have to prepare a lot of funds for all disaster needs.

It’s not the little money they spend, but the nearly billions they have to prepare. They must immediately replace and repair various types of damage for mutual comfort. The earthquake didn’t just damage one place. But a lot of places were affected by the earthquake.


Thejunction-uk – Public facilities which are also the center of the government also suffered quite severe damage. It is very unexpected that there will be a lot of expenses that must be prepared to replace all of this. Not only the government, but big and small businesses also experience confusion in dealing with earthquakes.

Various types of buildings were destroyed and collapsed, making many entrepreneurs confused in dealing with all these disasters. the residents affected by the earthquake must also evacuate temporarily until all conditions are safe. Officers came to clean up some of the rubble from the earthquake.

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Not only there are searchers for victims. Trying to trace the collapsed buildings to see if there are still victims or not? The government has made several efforts so that residents can return to their activities. Setting up funds for those who no longer have a home due to the earthquake. The government will set aside funds for houses of residents who have suffered heavy or moderate damage.

During the search process, many officers scattered to find survivors of the earthquake. This large expenditure of funds forced the government to make several letters of submission to the central government. The disbursement of earthquake funds can help local residents.


It’s not just government funds that actually help the victims of the earthquake. Instead, there were some small donations from generous donors who also helped the earthquake victims. Even though they didn’t have direct funds, they also prepared several important things, such as food, clean clothes, medicines, and many more.