Landslides are unavoidable disasters. Many people do not think that the place where they live can be hit by a landslide. As a result of the landslide, many people suffered losses. There was so much damage that many residents couldn’t do anything.

Maybe many think that landslides can occur due to human actions. But did you know that landslides are also caused by nature? The land sometimes will move and shift because of a movement from underground. As a result of unbalanced soil, landslides eventually occur.


Did you know that even rain can create unexpected natural disasters? Many say that excessive rain can make several places experience flooding. But rain can also cause landslides. If you observe slowly the soil when exposed to water continuously can make the soil load heavier. Thejunction-uk

Water that continues to flush the ground non-stop can make the soil slippery and weathering of the soil occurs. This is what causes landslides. Not only rain but there are also several things that can cause landslides to occur, namely:


Slopes that are so deep and steep can certainly cause soil erosion. The water that continuously hit the slopes of the fall at the bottom made the topsoil unable to hold it and as a result, landslides occurred from above.

Not solid empty

If you see some high ground, of course, you feel safe. But did you know that land that is empty in the middle, aka not solid, can cause a landslide? Just getting hit by water or a big shock can make all the ground scatter and fall down.

land shift
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Soil that does not have the shape of rocks, just ordinary soil, will not be able to withstand the load. Did you know that using rocks from volcanic deposits and sedimentary rocks can prevent you from experiencing landslides? Because the shape of the stone is so dense and strong.


Areas that often experience landslides are usually land management areas such as agriculture, rice fields, fields, and many more. land that provides a lot of agricultural products will certainly make a lot of fertile plants. But did you know that roots that are not strong enough to bind the soil can make the soil so soft and full of water that it can easily cause landslides?