It doesn't have to be an earthquake

It doesn't have to be an earthquake

It doesn’t have to be an earthquake

Earthquake is the most terrible natural disaster and no one can avoid them. If there has been an earthquake, you have to be prepared for a number of other signs, such as an impending tsunami, landslide, and so on. Many people think that a tsunami can appear because of an earthquake. It doesn’t have to be an actual earthquake, a tsunami can also appear with a different sign.

As you know, a tsunami has a very fast speed so many people cannot run away from the big waves. Big waves can produce a lot of water that forms waves. The wave will start to end when it reaches the edge and will start to recede for a long time.

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Many think that an earthquake can trigger a tsunami. Actually, a tsunami can exist if the earthquake comes from the seabed. So that the sea is like water that is tossed around and forms very high waves. This could result in many people’s houses being destroyed and nothing left at all. Thejunction-uk

Apart from earthquakes, there are also volcanic eruptions which can also generate tsunamis. When Mount Krakatoa erupted, it affected the sea lanes. Thus the formation of a large wave has succeeded in ravaging an area and killing many people. Maybe many don’t know that Mount Krakaktau at that time was in the middle of the sea in the form of a small island.

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big waves
destroying many places//big waves

Not only that, it turns out that tsunamis can also appear due to landslides too. There a country experienced an unexpected disaster. The landslide that occurred in Alaska’s Lituya Bay generated a tsunami. This can happen because there are so many tens of millions of tons of ice that fall into the water. As a result of the landslide, the calm water flow became unstable and formed very high tsunami waves.

From all of these events, it can be concluded that a tsunami can come in a form that you are not aware of. It can come without you knowing and make many people injured and die. Even though they couldn’t avoid the tsunami, the government still tried its best to prevent more victims. They do various ways to prevent a tsunami.