What causes a place to be flooded is not managing the waterways or land subsidence. Floods that are caused because they do not have channels must of course be considered in detail. This is because the flood waters, even if they only stagnate for a few hours, can cause diarrhea or even fever in the surrounding population.

Floods that occur due to rain or tidal water are certainly not a small problem because water that has come before does not rule out the possibility of coming back. Flood disasters can be felt in any area, including high areas.

Causes of Floods

The following are some of the causes of flooding – Thejunction-uk
Forests that are cut down by trees will make the soil unable to absorb them. Because the function of the tree is to absorb water. For that, don’t cut down trees carelessly if you don’t want to experience continuous flooding.


steps to prevent flooding//disaster

Many people already understand that they will litter, but few people realize their mistakes, instead, they accuse each other. Throwing a lot of garbage carelessly will cause the water in the gutters to clog.


Use drainage to prevent flooding. That’s why forests and swamps can’t just disappear. Requires high attention in dealing with flood disasters. Turning drainage into water disposal. Drainage is actually not only natural but can come from man-made.


What causes flooding is not only from clogged channels but can also be through shipments. There are frequent overflows of water and shipments from the highlands. This has made many residents aware of the lowlands that often experience flooding. Water sent is not only from overflowing rivers but also from the results of tsunamis, tidal water, or dams that are not functioning.

Vacant Land

The number of high-rise buildings becomes easily flooded. Even though there are many people who know the cause of the flood this, many people are still constructing large buildings.