Earthquake in cianjur

Earthquake in cianjur

Earthquake in cianjur

The earthquake in Cianjur killed many victims. On Monday, the 21st of November, Indonesia was shocked by the sad news. The day, which was so bright and bright, actually got a lot of sad news from the Cianjur area, West Java. There was a terrible earthquake destroying many buildings.

It was not only the buildings that collapsed but there were many victims affected by the earthquake. Many residents were afraid and immediately moved when they felt the powerful earthquake. because they are afraid of a tsunami. Even though there was no tsunami, many residents still grieved for the loss of their loved ones.


Cianjur is an area that has frequently experienced earthquakes. The area is now prone to frequent earthquakes. An area that is now a regular place for frequent earthquakes. Of course, this is in the spotlight of every citizen around Cianjur. Having experienced an earthquake, it is not surprising that some of the ground shook and fell when the earthquake occurred. Thejunction-uk

There are some experts who say that Cianjur is an area prone to earthquakes. After being observed, it turns out that the land in Cianjur has deep enough cracks. So that the area could experience more aftershocks. Of course, ordinary people will not know why an earthquake can occur.

Mountain area

dozens of houses were destroyed
many died//dozens of houses were destroyed

But some experts are looking for ways so that every citizen who lives in Cianjur can be safe and survive the earthquake. In addition, the development owned by Cianjur does not have an earthquake-resistant structure. By using earthquake resistant building structures you can see the response of buildings that have survived the rubble.

In addition, many Cianjur residents build buildings on soft soil. As you know, the Cianjur area is close to the mountainous area. This is what makes the Cianjur area experience building collapse during an earthquake. Even though the earthquake has stopped doesn’t mean there won’t be another collapse.

Do not enter the collapsed building

In fact, the most frightening thing is when a building that has collapsed due to an earthquake can collapse again. Nobody would be able to patch together a deep enough crack in the ground. A crack that is quite deep and extraordinary. But from the bottom of the earth’s core which is experiencing cracks.