Disaster survivors

Disaster survivors

Disaster survivors

The survivors of the disaster are an unexpected miracle. As humans, we will not know what will happen around us. No one would have thought that we could survive such an unexpected disaster. Humans can plan but God will.

As you have heard recently, there are some survivors who were affected by the disaster and are still alive. A fortune that apparently still protects them from death. In contrast to the victims who continued to avoid being dragged into a major disaster and died.

Stories of survivors

Thejunction-uk – A story that might make you cry and be touched. The curiosity about the safety they experience makes many people wonder. Many disasters have occurred in the world. Both minor disasters to major disasters. But who would have thought that a major disaster like an earthquake would succeed in causing so many victims to die?

However, without you knowing it, this terrible disaster left some of the victims still alive. In a very wide part of the world, it turns out that there are several victims who are also still alive from the disaster. The following are the names of countries whose victims are still alive:

1906 in San Francisco

tsunami in Japan
a miracle//tsunami in Japan

A young man who survived the earthquake. An unexpected earthquake managed to destroy a magnificent and luxurious hotel building.


The earthquake was so powerful that it managed to claim many lives. Seeing the ruins in Haiti many thought that no one would be able to survive. But who would have thought that a young man who had been trapped and crushed under concrete was still alive? A struggle that is enough to make the victim give up but be able to get up again when he knows that the aid has found him.

2011 in Japan

Japan is a small country that unexpectedly also experienced an unexpected disaster. In 2011, there was an earthquake that was not too big but managed to drown many people. One family felt that the earthquake would trigger a tsunami so they ran to a higher mountain to escape the tsunami.

Escape from the landslide

An earthquake that managed to claim many victims actually succeeded in making a young man survive the earthquake and landslide. A mountain climber stood on Mount Everest and saw an avalanche that was so powerful that it devoured many victims.