Areas of Indonesia experiencing drought

Areas of Indonesia experiencing drought

Areas of Indonesia experiencing drought

The areas of Indonesia that are experiencing drought are not just one place. there are many places that experience water drought for quite a long time. The hot climate causes a lot of water to dry up quickly, causing many residents to lack water for cooking and drinking. In the year two thousand and nineteen, several areas experienced drought because there was no rain.

Not all parts of Indonesia have the same seasons. There are some areas that get a lot of rainfall and some that are getting summer. Almost every day, the BMKG monitors the weather cycle. Always monitor all conditions in the area so that a long drought does not occur.

It doesn’t rain

From BMKG observations it turns out that there are already several areas that are experiencing drought. From the records obtained, the areas affected by the drought were caused by no rain for several months. So many residents have difficulty getting clean water. Of course, there are lots of people who would not have thought that drought could hit many places. Thejunction-uk

Some of the places experiencing drought are:

East Java
The areas that experience the most drought. From each data obtained, the East Java area does not get more rain. The areas in East Java are: Sampang, Indramayu, Banyuwangi, Pasuruan, and Nganjuk.

In NTT, there are two areas that are experiencing quite a long drought, namely in the East Sumba and Belu areas

running out of clean water//dry

The area which is a beautiful tourist spot has also experienced a long summer. Making it difficult for many residents to get clean water. Areas that have experienced it are Buleleng and Karangasem

In NTB, there is only one area that has experienced difficulties in obtaining clean water, the Bima area.


From the data mentioned, it is an area that has experienced a longer drought than before. A drought that almost killed many people. If you recall the drought incident in the year two thousand and fifteen, it will certainly make many people unable to survive.

However, the BMKG always hopes that at the beginning of the new year, there will be rain. The year that can make everyone no longer need to feel thirsty. Can get clean water and can consume water healthily. The BMKG will continue to monitor all weather conditions and find out which areas they still need to pay attention to later.

Apart from monitoring the areas affected by drought, it turns out that the BMKG is also monitoring several areas that are getting rainfall. Monitoring every movement will be the main task for BMKG.