Areas affected by tidal flooding

Areas affected by tidal flooding

Areas affected by tidal flooding

The areas affected by tidal floods are not only in one place. there are many places that turned out to get a similar disaster. Rob is currently hitting many places in the coastal areas of Central Java. Not only in small areas, but Rob can also occur in the middle of the city, even Rob can submerge many residents’ houses.

The worst thing when a Rob occurs is when the embankment breaks. The dikes that hold the water are sometimes not strong and can make small cracks bigger. No wonder many residents are always anxious when rob and rain occur. Many people think that tidal waters can occur because sea water is starting to rise and some are saying that the land is starting to sink.


The tidal flood disaster occurred not only in one place. There are many places that were affected by the rob water. The following are the places affected by the rob: Thejunction-uk


Never experienced a fairly severe flood when the embankment in Semarang broke. As a result of the tidal flood, many people were unable to work and carry out any activities. Not only one area was affected by the tidal water, but there were several areas that were also inundated by the tidal flood waters.


In Brebes, it turns out that there is one village that experienced quite high floods. The floods were high which forced many residents to be evacuated to security posts. The tidal water level obtained in Brebes village reaches a height of one meter.

Areas affected by tidal flooding
tidal floods that submerged many places//Areas affected by tidal flooding

Not in one place that was hit by a rob. There are many places that were also affected by tidal floods. Nearly eight villages were also affected by the tidal flood. Of course, no one would have thought that the Pemalang area was also hit by tidal water. The area is still close to the coast.

A place that always gets the arrival of rob water. An expert said that the tidal water that came was caused by seawater that was starting to rise so that when the sea waves rose, the water also rose.

Areas that looked fine turned out to be experiencing tidal flooding. There are records saying that the water rob occurred in four villages.

Experiencing the worst tidal floods. Rising sea water submerged many houses in tidal floods.